Relieve muscle strains & sprains

Tight glutes. Throbbing hamstrings. Aching quads. Nagging shins. Sore back. You do not have to be a professional athlete to experience muscle strains and sprains. Recreational cyclists, runners and gym fanatics are also prone to aches and pains caused by overstretching or overloading their muscles when they exercise.

If you’re experiencing some aches and pains from exercising, it is a good sign. Some muscle soreness tells you that your muscles are starting to grow and develop. Let’s look at how you can treat sore muscles, and which essential oils you can use for relief.

Common muscle strains from sport

As a runner, cyclist, avid hiker, swimmer or gym-goer, you have probably experienced a pulled muscle at some point. Muscle strains can happen when muscles are placed under excessive loading or repetitive actions. Think; explosive actions like sprinting, the sudden stops and starts during a hockey match, hours peddling on the bike, or the repetitive force of pounding the pavement on your daily runs.

Muscles that cross two joints such as the calf (knee and ankle joints), hamstrings (hip and knee joints), and the quadriceps (the hip and knee joints) are typically most susceptible. Strains in the hip adductors and the gluteus muscles are also common.

Caring for sore muscles

Use a formulation like Leopard balm that contains the ideal amounts of the best essential oils for relieving tight, sore muscles. Leopard pain balm contains all nine essential oils to give you the benefits of the best essential oils for soothing sore muscles. Gently rub or massage Leopard balm onto your affected muscles after your bath or shower.


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