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Shaltoux 4 Way Relief Syrup

Shaltoux 4 Way Relief Syrup
Shaltoux 4 Way Relief Syrup is the combination of 4 ingredients - Diphenhydramine, Ammonium chloride, Sodium citrate and Menthol. This cough syrup is useful in relieving cough, sneezing, nasal congestion associated with common cold, bronchitis, allergy or inhaled irritants.


  • Cough is a sudden, forceful expulsion of air from the lungs that helps clear airways from mucus and irritants like smoke or dust
  • A cough is either dry (no phlegm) or wet (which produces phlegm, i.e. thick mucus.  Shaltoux 4 Way Relief Syrup relieves a wet cough.
  • The common causes of cough include infections, allergies, asthma and smoking
Cough Due To Allergy And Asthma
  • An asthma cough and an allergy cough are typically caused by swelling or irritation of the windpipe (i.e. trachea)
  • Allergies like hay fever can cause a chronic dry cough. The common allergy-causing agents are dust, pet dander, pollen or mould
  • Allergies can also worsen asthma symptoms, causing them to become severe.
  • Our Cough Syrup also provides relief from allergic symptoms.
Coughing Due To Infection
  • The most common cause of cough due to infection is bacteria and viruses (i.e. cold and flu)
  • The cough may last for a few days to a week
  • Infections caused by the flu may take a little longer to clear up and can sometimes require antibiotics
Cough Due To Smoking
  • This is known as smoker’s cough
    It is caused by the body clearing out the chemicals that enter the airways and lungs through tobacco use.
  • The cough may begin as a dry cough, although it can eventually produce phlegm.
  • Other symptoms include a sore throat and chest pain.

Why Shaltoux 4-Way Relief Syrup

Shaltoux 4-way Relief Syrup provides multi-action relief. Firstly, allergic symptoms. Secondly, nasal congestion. Thirdly, mucosal irritation. Fourthly, wet cough.

Shaltoux products contain a unique combination of ingredients. Specifically, menthol produces cooling action, thus reducing irritation caused by sore throat and coughing. Menthol is one of the most well-known natural cures for sore throat. Also, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

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