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We aim to address the healthcare challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa caused by limited insurance coverage as well as the poor availability of quality testing. We strive to make high-quality diagnostics affordable and accessible to all, regardless of location or financial situation.

What is our Purpose?

Shalina Healthcare, a privately owned company with over 39 years of operation in Africa, is headquartered in Dubai, with operational offices across multiple African countries. Building on this rich legacy, Shalina Diagnostics remains committed to delivering accurate and reliable diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients. Our unwavering dedication is supported by cutting-edge facilities and labs along with a team of highly skilled professionals, ensuring the timely and precise delivery of diagnostic services that significantly impact healthcare outcomes.

Customised Packages

Customised Packages

Explore personalized and comprehensive Health Packages at Shalina Diagnostics, with variety to suit any need and budget. Packages include a Basic Health Check-up, Hormonal Profile 1, Pocket Saver Plus Package, Senior Citizen WELL ME, Female) (Golden years) 50+ and the Pocket Saver Package and Pre-Marital Package.


Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a range of specialized services, including gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and cardiology. With a team of experienced doctors and a patient-centered approach, we strive to deliver personalized care and prioritize your health and wellness.

With 10+ labs and collection centers in Nigeria, our state-of-the-art facilities provide reliable diagnostics with a range of specialized services. Upholding the highest quality standards, our experienced team delivers personalized care for your health and wellness. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, our polyclinic centers offer comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services for individuals and families.


Lagos Nigeria

17 Sybil Iroche Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

Lekki Patient Service Centre (PSC) & Polyclinic

CFP7+HHX, Omorinre Johnson Street, Lekki Phase 1, 106104, Lagos, Nigeria

GRA Patient Service Centre (PSC) & Polyclinic

123B Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja GRA Lagos, Nigeria


Ghana Labadi Centre

37 First Otswe St, Accra, Ghana

Ghana Tema Centre

7 Redemption Valley Rd, Tema, Ghana

Shalina Ghana Lab

47 Glover Addo Rd, Accra, Ghana

Shalina Maamobi Centre

18 Abavana Street, Accra, Ghana

Shalina Nungua Centre

JW76+4H8 Buade Ave, Accra, Ghana

Shalina Teshi Centre

4 Orchid Street, Accra, Ghana


18 Obafemi Awolowo Rd, Ikorodu, 104101, Lagos, Nigeria
Contact: +234 915 225 7500

Why Shalina Diagnostics?



Combining cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, we ensure early and accurate detection through rigorous quality control. With a top-tier team specializing in precision diagnostics, best-in-class equipment, and stringent audit systems, our diagnostic services prioritize excellence, maintaining 100% uptime with dedicated technical teams.


At our core, we prioritize affordable healthcare without compromising quality. Leveraging our scale, global contracts, and a focused approach, we deliver efficient and cost-effective testing services with exceptional quality across multiple countries, emphasizing technology and automation.


Pioneering global healthcare, we’re expanding our lab network for widespread reach. Our deep country presence ensures swift results, especially in remote areas. With a large test menu, we prioritize doctor education and provide personalized 1-1 medical support, aiming to enhance healthcare accessibility for all.

How can you partner with us?

Besides our international partnerships, we are fully committed to expanding our offering through franchising and the development of more vendors.


Shalina Diagnostics offers a co-investment model, covering equipment and staffing for pathology and radiology labs. Our strategy boosts hospital revenues by introducing new tests, educating doctors, and extending lab services beyond the hospital. To enhance efficiency and reduce costs, we leverage a global team, negotiate equipment contracts, and consolidate testing services within regions.


Government Partnerships

Shalina Diagnostics sets up and manages government labs, providing advanced equipment and global expertise. We ensure a presence in new healthcare projects, offering an expanded test menu. Our focus includes reducing turnaround time through specialized testing, optimizing costs with a nationwide lab network, and investing in local manpower for employment and upskilling.


Become a franchisee or a vendor and enjoy the benefits of extensive support, access to a wide network for collaborative growth, and power to utilize cutting-edge technology. Seize the opportunity in a growing healthcare market, building a successful business. Make a positive impact on well-being and take a step in the right direction with us.


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Revolutionize Healthcare: Partner with governments for labs in new facilities, providing specialized equipment, global expertise, and a nationwide lab network. Enhance testing services’ reach, reduce turnaround time, and cut costs by leveraging global relationships and local talent, driving employment and upskilling.


Our Jejuri factory was audited and approved by Food & Drugs Authority, Ghana in 2009. Our initial operations in Ghana were limited to an import and re-export hub in Tema Free Trade Zone to service Ghana and other West African Countries.
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