Calm eczema flares in winter

Temperature extremes, whether hot or cold, can aggravate eczema. Winter’s dry air, air cons and heaters sap moisture from the skin which can provoke eczema to flare.

Here are five ways to settle your eczema in winter.

Add a heavy duty moisturiser to your artillery

Those itching, scaling, uncomfortable patches need a little more TLC than an extra lathering of your usual moisturiser. You need a heavier, oil-based moisturiser or emollient that you should carry around to apply liberally throughout the day, and especially after showering.

Go easy on heating

Avoid rapid temperature extremes. Moving from the cold outdoors to heated rooms can irritate your skin. Jumping into an extremely hot shower also has a drying effect. Keep your temperature even by dressing warmly when heading out and resisting the urge to have heaters at full tilt and showers steaming hot.

Choose natural, unscented soaps

When your skin gets dry, it’s likely to be more sensitive and susceptible to irritation by the chemicals and fragrances used in soaps and skincare products. Choose quality, natural, unscented products instead. Check labels for allergens, pH balance and harsh cleansers. Don’t use the same soap on your face as you do on your body. It’s more sensitive.

Dose with vitamin D

Vitamin D can help to reduce the symptoms of eczema. A few minutes in the sunshine will entice your skin to produce its own. Studies show that vitamin D supplements could also improve symptoms.

Get help for stubborn eczema

Although you might not need a prescription treatment all year round, it is good to have one handy for winter flare-ups. Your doctor or dermatologist can prescribe a suitable cream or ointment for treating your eczema. Be wary of generics as they not all created equal


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