Sustainable Water Plant – A step towards developing communities in Africa

Shalina Healthcare sponsored a sustainable rural water plant project in Adum Dominase, a village in the Takoradi region of Ghana. The rural water plant project put up in association with “Project Maji” is a simple yet ingenious solution, using solar power to pump water from deep boreholes with no reliance on outside sources of power making the unit both independent and sustainable.

The Shalina sponsored water pump can pump water from a deep well, run the water through a filtration system and provide up to 10,000 liters of clean potable water to over 5,000 people every day.

Ms. Shalina Virji, CEO of Shalina Healthcare said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to support this water facility and thereby provide the village of Adum Dominase with clean water. This is in line with our commitment to develop the communities in which we operate.’’

Shalina Healthcare is excited to be able to liberate thousands of people from a lack of potable drinking water, on a long term basis.

To view Project Maji in G TV News coverage click the link


Our Jejuri factory was audited and approved by Food & Drugs Authority, Ghana in 2009. Our initial operations in Ghana were limited to an import and re-export hub in Tema Free Trade Zone to service Ghana and other West African Countries.
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