My Pregnancy Story: Adaku

My birth experience was great. My labour was only 2 hours, which compared to others, was a short labour. Pregnancy was more tricky. Despite the hardships, I realized that this was my body’s unique way of preparing for motherhood. I held on to the belief that every challenge I encountered would make me a stronger and more resilient mom. as a turbulent voyage for me,

Relentless morning sickness made me question my food choices like never before. The nausea was so severe that I’d choose my meals based on how they’d taste when they inevitably came back up. It felt like a never-ending battle of queasiness and fatigue. Dark marks had appeared on my face, a reminder of the hormonal upheaval my body was enduring.

But amidst all the chaos, there was an unexpected silver lining – my hair. It became lush and vibrant, a stark contrast to my tired self. I found solace in strangers’ hands, gently resting on my belly, asking about my baby. It was a sweet distraction from the daily battles I faced. Swollen feet? Felt like I was walking on balloons. Heartburn? That fiery sensation was my nightly companion. Stretch marks? They were like battle scars, a reminder of the incredible journey I was on.

I fought, because the love I felt for my little one was like a roaring wildfire, consuming all discomfort in its path. I soldiered on, knowing that it would all be worth it. And it was!

Like I said before, my birth experience was really positive. The pain was different too. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s as if your body knows what it needs to do and you need to allow it happen. My midwife was reassuring, my husband was supportive, and everyone at the hospital was so warm and caring. My son was born without any complications and weighed 3.1kgs. He was a tall, skinny baby, but perfectly healthy, and that’s all we had hoped for.


Our Jejuri factory was audited and approved by Food & Drugs Authority, Ghana in 2009. Our initial operations in Ghana were limited to an import and re-export hub in Tema Free Trade Zone to service Ghana and other West African Countries.
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