Battling to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is natural, but sometimes things don’t go smoothly. If you see these signs, don’t worry, just reach out for help:

  • Short or Long Feeding Sessions: If your baby’s feeding sessions are super short (under 10 minutes) or super long (over 50 minutes), they might need some extra help.
  • Still Hungry After Feeding: If your baby still seems hungry after eating, check their latch and position. And get their weight checked by the doctor.
  • Missed Feedings or Sleeping Too Much: Newborns need to eat often. If your baby sleeps longer than four hours at night, wake them up for a meal.
  • No Swallowing Sounds: When your baby feeds, you should hear them swallow. If not, chat with your doctor.
  • Slow Weight Gain: By two weeks, if your baby isn’t gaining weight like they should, it’s time to talk to the doctor.
  • Not Enough Wet Diapers and Stools: Fewer than six wet diapers or four stools a day after a week might need attention. Keep track!
  • Delayed Milk Production: If your milk doesn’t come in by day five, or your breasts don’t feel fuller after feeds, chat to your doctor.
  • Painful, Full Breasts: If your breasts are painfully hard, it can make nursing tricky. Consider pumping or hand expression.
  • Breasts Stay Full: If your breasts don’t soften after a feed, the baby might not be nursing effectively.
  • Painful Feeding: Severe nipple pain or cracking could mean latching issues. Reach out to your doctor or clinic sister for advice.


Signs of Incorrect Nursing Technique:

  • Baby’s head isn’t in line with their body.
  • They’re only sucking on the nipple.
  • They use quick, fluttery sucks.
  • Cheeks are drawn in or you hear clicking.
  • Rare swallowing, especially after milk supply increases.
  • Pain during feeding or nipple damage.


Remember, it’s okay to ask for help because your baby’s health and your wellbeing are essential. You’ve got this!




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