Antiseptic Liquid to the Rescue

Ever thought about the invisible battle happening right in your home? From the kitchen sink to those sneaky cuts and scratches, germs are everywhere. But fear not, antiseptic liquid is here to save the day! Let’s discover how this mighty liquid can turn your home into a fortress against germs.


What does antiseptic liquid do?

Antiseptic liquid is a double-threat in your defence against germs. It’s not just an antiseptic; it’s a disinfectant too. Whether it’s bacteria or viruses, antiseptic liquid should have you covered. You can also read more about viruses and bacteria here.


Simple and effective uses of antiseptic liquid:

  • Household Cleaning: Use it for floors, countertops, toilets and even that germ-harboring kitchen sponge! Did you know your kitchen sink is the second germiest place in your house? Antiseptic liquid can tackle all of these. Just dilute 1 part antiseptic liquid to 18 parts water.


  • Bathing: Add 5 ml in a bucket of water for an extra protective bath.


  • First Aid: Add 20 ml in 250 ml of water and wash affected areas. Antiseptic liquid is a family hygiene champion. It’s like a gentle warrior that removes germs from the skin and protects against infections from cuts and scratches.


  • Laundry: Dilute 1 part antiseptic liquid to 36 parts water for washing clothes. . Remember to also wash all bed linens at least once a week in hot water and more often if someone is sick or has been sick. With a fresh pine scent and castor oil soap, it leaves your laundry smelling fresh and your hands soft and supple too.


Antiseptic liquid is not just a household cleaning product; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who value cleanliness and protection. With its unique blend of disinfectant and antiseptic properties, it’s your everyday sanitizing hero, always ready to combat germs and keep your world sparkling clean.





Our Jejuri factory was audited and approved by Food & Drugs Authority, Ghana in 2009. Our initial operations in Ghana were limited to an import and re-export hub in Tema Free Trade Zone to service Ghana and other West African Countries.
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