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My MonaLisa Moment?

#MyMonaLisaMoment is all about celebrating your unique beauty and radiance. It’s a moment that captures the joy and confidence in your glowing skin, making it a memory worth cherishing and sharing.

Share your #MyMonaLisaMoment and unlock a trove of exciting rewards! Two lucky winners will walk away with a state-of-the-art smartphone. Other fabulous prizes include a lavish MonaLisa Hamper, multiple talktime vouchers and an exclusive NFT —each prize as delightful and unique as your radiant smile! 

How to participate
How do you share your
#My MonaLisa Moment
Mega Prize
Share your
#My MonaLisa Moment
Get a Chance to
Win Phones!*
Other Prizes to be won

3D Digital Token of

#My MonaLisa Moment?

Capture your #MyMonaLisaMoment as an everlasting digital keepsake!

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) immortalizes your unique moment in the digital realm.

Talk Time Vouchers

Best photo of the month will be eligible to get one mobile phone with a gift hamper.

Mona Lisa Gift Hamper

Two winners per week can win 2000 Kz Saldo
#My MonaLisa Moment
and win!
What is MonaLisa?

‘Monalisa’, a brand crafted with the essence of Africa in mind, available in a diverse selection of body lotions and creams. Monalisa stands for grace, elegance & complete beauty.

This proudly Made in Africa range is more than a set of products; it’s a tribute to the diverse and beautiful African skin. Monalisa isn’t just a beauty brand but #TheArtOfBeauty itself. Experience the rejuvenating touch of Argan Oil, the soothing embrace of Aloe Vera, the deep hydration from Cocoa Butter, the nourishing essence of Shea Butter, and the moisturizing wonders of Olive Oil. Each product stands as a testament to our dedication to authenticity and premium quality, promising intense moisturization that lasts up to 48 hours.

Terms & Conditions
By using the AR filter and posting an image using it with the #MyMonaLisaMoment
By using the AR filter and posting an image using it with the #MyMonaLisaMoment
By using the AR filter and posting an image using it with the #MyMonaLisaMoment
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