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Why use Flodent

Bad breath (halitosis), mouth odour, weak yellowing teeth, gum problems, tooth decay and cavities – these are common oral care problems faced by many people.

Flodent is a fluoride toothpaste with the goodness of mint. The fluoride helps strengthen the tooth enamel giving you stronger, whiter teeth. It also helps you achieve a minty fresh breath that lasts long. Moreover, it also has added benefits of clove oil that prevents tooth decay.

It’s recommended to brush your teeth twice, morning and night, to get the best dental health.

Used by many across African continent, Flodent is the recommended choice of toothpaste for years.

Apart from the original Flodent toothpaste, you can also try Flodent Active Gel and Flodent Triple Action variants.. Active Gel has cooling crystals that gives you a 12-hour fresh breath. Triple Action toothpaste helps repair enamel, protects against cavities, whitens teeth giving you long lasting fresh breath.