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The Changing Epidemiology Of Malaria Elimination
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Historically, malaria has been a widespread disease in Africa. In 2021, the region was home to about 95% of all malaria cases and 96% of deaths.

However, the epidemiology of malaria in Africa has become more complex. Malaria is increasingly imported from outside the region, and clustered in small geographical areas or clustered demographically into subpopulations with shared social, behavioral, and geographical risk characteristics.

The shift in the populations most at risk of malaria raises important questions for malaria-eliminating countries since traditional control interventions are likely to be less effective. Approaches to elimination need to be aligned with these changes through the development and adoption of novel strategies and methods. Knowledge of the changing epidemiological trends of malaria in the eliminating countries will ensure improved targeting of interventions to continue to shrink the malaria map.

The panel discussion covered the strategies to tackle the newer challenges encountered in malaria elimination. Watch the full discussion above as the experts tackle this issue.

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