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The best essential oils for soothing sports strains

Massaging or rubbing tight, sore muscles is well known for loosening them and bringing relief. Massage therapists know it. We know it too. It’s almost instinctive to give a painful spot a rub. Follow those instincts!

Kneading your hardworking muscles after your exercise not only reduces inflammation and helps muscles relax, but it also helps them to recover faster. Applying pressure to strained muscle tissue also helps remove excess fluid and cellular waste products.

You can boost the effectiveness of your post-workout rubs by using massage balms containing essential oils that are known for their pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, muscles-relaxing benefits. Let’s look at the nine best essential oils for soothing sore muscles.

Nine essential oils for sore muscles

Researchers have studied the benefits of essential oils for treating joint swelling, muscle pain and tightness. These are the nine best essential oils for treating sore muscles. Combining them promises effective relief from all the unpleasant symptoms of muscle strain, including pain, swelling, redness and spasm.

  1. Thymol
  2. Menthol
  3. Lemon grass oil
  4. Citronella
  5. Eucalyptus
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Turpentine
  8. Peppermint
  9. Camphor

How to use essential oils on sore muscles

The safest option is to add essential oils to a warm bath or use a formulation like Leopard balm that contains the ideal amounts of the best essential oils for relieving tight, sore muscles. Leopard pain balm contains all nine essential oils to give you the benefits of the best essential oils for soothing sore muscles. The pleasing aroma of this combination of essential oils also promotes calmness, relieves fatigue, and has a mood-lifting effect. Rub or massage gently onto your affected muscles after a warm bath or shower.