Essential oils for sore muscles

The best essential oils for soothing sports strains You can boost the effectiveness of your post-workout rubs by using massage balms containing essential oils that are known for their pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, muscles-relaxing benefits. Let’s look at the nine best essential oils for soothing sore muscles. Nine essential oils for sore muscles Researchers have studied the […]

Treating muscles strains and sprains at home

Most low grade muscle strains are easily treated at home. The first step is to do no more harm. Don’t place the muscle under more strain by continuing the activities that irritated it in the first place. While resting the damaged muscle is recommended, some people find that continuing to move can help relieve muscle […]

How to relieve muscle strains and sprains from sport

Tight glutes. Throbbing hamstrings. Aching quads. Nagging shins. Sore back. You do not have to be a professional athlete to experience muscle strains and sprains. Recreational cyclists, runners and gym fanatics are also prone to aches and pains caused by overstretching or overloading their muscles when they exercise. If you’re experiencing some aches and pains […]