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Pharmasal ointment is a combination of 3 active pain-killing ingredients: Firstly, methyl salicylate. Secondly, methyl nicotinate. Thirdly, capsicum oleoresin. It relieves day-to-day muscle pains, stiffness, and pain associated with sports activities.


Why use Pharmasal Ointment

  • Pharmasal ointment consists of 3 active pain-killing ingredients, i.e. capsicum oleoresin, methyl salicylate and methyl nicotinate. Thus, use it to relieve day-to-day muscle pains, stiffness, and pain that we associate with sports activities.
  • Professionals recommend Pharmasal to relieve a wide range of muscular pains and stiffness, including:  Thigh pain, backache, muscle cramps and rheumatic pain (in muscles, tendons, joints or bones), as well as joint pain, minor sports injuries, sprain and strain.

Pharmasal ointment consists of the following:

  • Methyl salicylate and methyl nicotinate reduce pain by rubefacient action, which means it causes a warm sensation at the application site. Subsequently, this reduces the feeling and perception of the pain.
  • Capsicum oleoresin is a pain desensitiser, i.e. acts by reducing the activity of pain transmitting nerves.
  • Pharmasal is a combination of rubefacients and pain desensitiser. Therefore, it offers fast relief from pain by creating unique analgesic synergy.
  • Pharmasal ointment delivers the medicine right to where it hurts. Thus, it offers relief from both superficial and deep-seated local pain.
  • The active ingredients in Pharmasal have a long history of safe usage to treat local pain without any significant safety concerns.

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