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Shalina Healthcare Co-CEO Shalina Clifford

Shalina Healthcare is on a mission to provide quality, affordability and availability in the pharmaceutical world. Co-CEO Shalina Clifford has helped instill an end-to-end supply chain, therefore cutting out intermediaries by manufacturing their product in India and distributing it themselves on the ground in Africa.

Above all, Clifford wants the products to be available to those who need them, particularly aiming to reach vulnerable communities.

Today, Shalina is a major provider of essential medicines for countries like Angola.  Additionally, the company has founded a series of local depots to reach hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). Shalina also hopes to form a new manufacturing center in Angola.

Shalina produces over 200 products, and is certified with the World Health Organization and Good Manufacturing Practices – both internationally recognized standards of manufacturing.

Furthermore, the company aims to work with the Ministry of Health to combat the issue of counterfeit medication in Africa.

Their involvement with the African community has lowered infant and adult mortality rates due to an increased presence of analgesics and antibiotics.

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